Don't miss out on all the savings with RaceTrac's new rewards app!

Unlimited Savings, Unlimited Fun

Check out what you can do with RaceTrac Attract! For a demo, check out the wireframe with integrated beacon features here and the full wireframe version here!

Get the latest deals

Have a craving for coffee? An itching for ice cream? Find the latest deals at RaceTrac to get your favorite items for less. Ready to checkout? We made paying easy. Use Apple Pay at the register to make things go even smoother.

Groundbreaking Beacon technology

Racetrac Attract utilizes beacon technology in order to create a more dynamic and personalized experience between RaceTrac and their customers. With this technology, we can track the spatial movements of customers in store, send hyper-localized messages based of off your preferences, and give you the rewards you deserve..

Find the store nearest you

Check out which stores are near you, the price of gas, and the amenities in each store. Need directions? We can help you with that too!

Rack up the Rewards

$1=1 gallon. When you reach 40 gallons, you get a free coffee or slushie on us!

Discover Beacon technology!

iBeacons use low-energy bluetooth to connect with apps on your mobile device to provide useful information, without draining your battery. App developers can customize push notifications and utilize beacon ranging to create a dynamic and relevant user experience. Whether it’s sending updated flight information at an airport, or providing sweet deals at your favorite gas pump, iBeacon technology bridges the gap between customers and the companies they visit everyday. We’ve created a personalized user experience for RaceTrac customers using iBeacon technology. The beacon will first send a notification to customers once they’ve arrived at a RaceTrac location, and beacon ranging within the store will update the app users’ RaceTrac app homepage to feature customized deals based on past purchases. iBeacon technology allows companies to provide a personalized in-store experience that builds long-term customer loyalty.

Meet the Team

Charlotte Mabry Content Strategist

Heather Binnie Marketing Analyst

Joycie Bernstein Art Director

Maja Culum Tech Director

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